Emèt - The Duty of Truth

Nicola Viceconti - Emet - The Duty of Truth Emèt - The Duty of Truth


Editore: America Star Books

Pagine: 156

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Anno: 2014

ISBN: 9781632490971

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Helene Sanz, an old diva of the theater, returned to live in Buenos Aires aft er learning a disturbing truth about her husband, Diego Tomasi, the victim of a murder mystery in 1964. The shadows of the private life of her husband are interwoven with a specifi c historical moment in Argentina: one during which many war criminals of Nazi Germany landed in the country. There was a need to make public the truth about the whole history of assaulting women. To do this, Helene relies on Alicia Hernandez, a young freelance expert in theater and a devoted admirer, who willingly accepts the opportunity to interview her. The meeting between the two lasted for a whole night, during which the words of the old diva interwoven with those of the journalist, brought light to the pain of life. Albeit for diff erent reasons, it leads to a common root. Will Helene, through the help of Alicia, convey the real meaning of this truth?


Nicola Viceconti lives and works in Rome and has a degree in Sociology and Communication Sciences. He is interested in history and social phenomena in Latin America, particularly Argentina. He has published with Gingko Editions Cumparsita (2010) twice. One of his books won a contest in 2012.